Tailoring Basic Class

  • Normal Blouse
  • Cross Cut Blouse
  • Lining Blouse

Tailoring Advanced Class

  • Princess Cut Blouse
  • Katori Blouse
  • Piping & Designing Blouse

Salwar Basic Class

  • Normal Cut Top /  Bottom
  • Lining Top /  Bottom Gathering


Salwar Advanced Class

  • Designer Neck & Back Model
  • Color Neck & Piping
  • 3/4 sleeve, Umbrella sleeve
  • Patiala Pant
  • Palazzo Pant

3 Months Course

  • Normal Blouse / Salwar
  • Lining Blouse / Salwar
  • Piping & Designing Blouse / Salwar
  • Kids Frock
  • Patiala Pant / 3/4 Sleeve


6 Months Course

  • Pillow Cover / Petticoat
  • Kids Wear / Pattu Paavadai Sattai
  • All the above

Aari Basic Class

  • 22 Stitiches
  • We provide all the materials
  • One Month Course

Aari Advanced Class

( 2 Months Course)

  • 33 Stitiches
  • We Provide all the materials
  • After completing the class wil teach how to trace & copy the design on the Blouse / Salwar
  • Teach Working on the cot
  • Will support the students ideas & creatives


Sudansa Costume Designer Will follow the Student after Completing the Course

Aari Work Blouse

Aari work is a type of embroidery work that is done by stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame. A pen like needle, that resembles a crochet needle is used to do the intrinsic Aari work. Aari art work is popular for its fine and delicate thread work. Aari work enhances the essence of hand embroidery.

Aari art work is popular for its fine and delicate thread work. Aari art work is popular for its fine and delicate thread work. Aari work enhances the essence of hand embroidery. It is largely practiced in Ahmedabad. The kind of stitch that is used for Aari work embroidery is chain stitch. Since Aari work has its origin from the Mughal era, motifs of Aari work are derived from nature. These motifs include leaves, vines, flowers, trees, birds and animals. Embroideries used in ethnic fashion are distinguished from the Aari embroidery because of these motifs. This type of embroidery has its place in contemporary fashion as well.

Bridal Blouses

Making us go all googly eyes with their tantalizing kanjeevarams, prettiest rani haars, notable temple jewels and bold & glam makeup, South Indian brides never fail to impress us with their svelte bridal choices. And as much as we’re head over heels for these glorious bridal elements, we’re equally smitten by their immensely stylish South Indian blouse designs. From the most elaborate embroideries, fancy stone-work, striking god motif patches to heaviest of gold embellishments, we’ve seen South Indian brides equipping their bridal blouses with the best of everything. While some go on decking up the sleeves and back of their blouses, others play around with the fabric, embroideries and borders to amp up the overall look of their South Indian blouse designs.

Beginning the list with a simple yet elegant South Indian bridal blouse design in red with a v-neckline and a molten detailing on the sleeves. We love how beautifully the bride paired it with her golden and red silk saree so effortlessly!

Lining Blouse

Pattern Blouse

Bridal Lehanga

The color of the Bridal wedding lehenga can be chosen to match the theme of the wedding and can be coordinated to match that of the bridegroom’s outfit. Red lehengas are traditionally accepted as Bridal Lehenga Choli, and so are shades of red, mixed with gold and silver thread work or exquisite embroidery.

Every bride is unique and their lehengas should be too! Here’s a peek at our Boutique’s couture process for customized wedding lehengas that sets us apart.

At our boutique we bring your dream bridal lehenga to life by customizing each detail of the garment to reflect your personality and to flatter your features and body type. Our intricately planned wedding lehenga couture process ensures that every design element of the lehenga is as per your liking and that the final outfit fits you immaculately. From a pencil sketch to a ravishing outfit, here are the different stages of our wedding lehenga couture process which ensures that your bridal lehenga shall be nothing less than phenomenal.

Pattu Paavadai Sattai & Umbrella Gown

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